Surgical Emergencies

Calamvale Hotel Suites and Conference Centre 678 Compton Rd, Calamvale, Queensland

There is nothing possibly more anxiety-inducing than having to perform emergency surgery on unstable, critical patients. In this seminar, learn how to stabilise these patients pre-operatively to reduce anaesthetic complications, how to confidently perform these surgeries and most importantly, the post-operative management to ensure these patients have the best prognosis. In this seminar, we will […]

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Ultrasound – FAST Scanning

Animal Emergency Service Underwood 1 Lexington Rd, Underwood, Queensland

FAST scanning ultrasound is so beneficial that it is now considered a standard part of the physical examination of critical patients in human ED. It is non-invasive, can be performed on unstable patients without sedation or general anaesthetics, and can give you instant diagnosis and allow immediate intervention. In this seminar, learn how to perform […]

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Christmas Dangers and Christmas Party


Christmas, it’s the time of celebration, good food and new pets for our clients, and the most dreaded time of the year for us. In this seminar, we will touch on the most common intoxications we see at this time of year chocolate, common recreational drugs, ibuprofen toxicity, rodenticide, cycad and alcohol as well as […]

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