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We’ll give you the tools to thrive in the vet profession


Professional Resources


Support & Mentoring

Work alongside experienced emergency veterinarians and get the valuable support and veterinary mentorship you deserve.

Whether you’re fresh out of vet school, or have already ventured into the veterinary workforce, mentorship is vital in order to advance your skills.

We also realise the jump from general practice to an emergency vet hospital can be a big leap – we’ve been there too.

That’s why we’ll mentor you right from the start with our tailored Emergency Graduate Program. Our team members will never be more than an arm’s reach away to help you make decisions for your cases. We’ll give you the confidence to thrive in the fast-paced environment we work in.

If you want to learn how to get the most out of a mentorship, or even how to start one – read all about successful veterinary mentorship and sign-up for our special three-part mentoring series.


Your free resource for the latest emergency clinical content!

At VetAPedia, we’ve given all veterinary professionals completely free access to 100+ valuable clinical resources including:

  • Emergency Protocols (Tick Paralysis, Snake Envenomation, Toxicity, and many more common emergency presentations)
  • Drug charts, fluid guides, and CRI cheat sheets
  • Webinar library and continuing education
  • Triage and CPD guidelines
  • Client information sheets and handouts

To access these resources and many more, simply sign up for a free VetAPedia account and get ready to rapidly advance your emergency skills.

Education & Events

Our commitment to your continual learning and helping all veterinary professionals provide better patient outcomes.

Your personal and professional development are just as important as your clinical skills. That’s why we’ve developed several training programs and courses available to our team members to focus on three crucial skills:

  • Clinical: Accelerated Emergency and Surgery Programs
  • Professional: Vet Success Academy – Consult Room Mastery
  • Personal: THRIVE – The Fundamentals, LIVE Program

Our emergency hospitals host their own ECC webinars and seminars throughout the year as well as give you access to Improve International Australia’s renowned Accelerated Emergency Program.


Animal Emergency Service veterinarian, Dr Hubert Hiemstra, proudly operates The Vet Vault. Your go-to podcast resource for a wide variety of veterinary content both in and out of the consult room!

The Vet Vault is a podcast for veterinarians covering important topics like mindset, confidence, mental health and wellness, and everything in between for a successful career in the veterinary profession.

The Vet Vault is a space to hear from high-performing individuals from varying niches of the veterinary profession who have found ways to thrive in their careers and make veterinary science work for them. From cutting-edge specialists to inspired new graduates – you’ll unlock knowledge and passion through open and honest conversations to reveal the thoughts, beliefs and habits that will help you create the career that you always dreamed you’d have.

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