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Sink your teeth into the veterinary graduate program of a lifetime and get the support and guidance you need to advance your veterinary skills.

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Are you a final-year vet science student or a recent graduate within the last 12 months, considering a career in emergency veterinary care? Animal Emergency Australia offers the leading emergency-focused veterinary graduate program designed to propel your career forward. Our comprehensive training provides the foundational skills and experience needed to excel in the fast-paced world of emergency veterinary services. AEA have the most comprehensive emergency-focused veterinary graduate program available to give you the kick-start you need.

Animal Emergency Australia is committed to cultivating a highly skilled veterinary workforce. We provide comprehensive training that equips our veterinarians with the clinical and technical expertise required for proficiency in emergency and critical care. Our program emphasizes not only professional knowledge and development but also personal effectiveness, ensuring our team members can excel and sustain high performance in our open hospital settings. This approach prepares our veterinarians to tackle challenges confidently and effectively, ensuring they thrive in their roles in an open hospital environment.

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Does the Word "Emergency" Excite You?

We have been in this game for the last two decades and know all the pros and cons of a career in emergency. We know the word emergency gives a massive spike of adrenaline but then almost as quickly brings feelings of doubts and raises concerns as to whether or not you can do it or if it is for you.

We know this because we felt it too when we started.

Many vets want to give emergency a go because it is action-packed, interesting, and you learn so much, plus you have a massive impact every shift. However the uncertainty that comes with it can be scary.

We simply want to help veterinarians to do and be their best.

Our ECC graduate program is specifically tailored for developing great emergency veterinarians with a focus on clinical excellence. We know that it’s our responsibility when we take you on to provide you all the support and guidance you need to succeed. We’ve developed the right structure, genuine support and mentoring, valuable skills, knowledge and performance, all within a supportive veterinary environment.

Tailored Veterinary Graduate Program to Support You

To overcome this challenge and to prepare our team members the best way possible, we’ve created a specifically tailored emergency and critical care graduate program. So what exactly does a Veterinary Graduate program involve?

These programs are designed to not only train and develop the skills, technical ability and knowledge required to be a great emergency veterinarian: the necessary hard skills. Our programs also cover what is lacking in other training programs, which are the vital soft skills that are critical for success both in and out of the consult room.

In addition, unlike other programs, our goal is to train to keep you as part of our team for your entire career, not rotate you through and replace you with minimal training. So we invest heavily in you to get you up and running and on the hospital floor shoulder-to-shoulder with the rest of the team.

What We're Looking For From You

Do you have the 6 qualities needed to thrive in a veterinary graduate program?

  • A professional approach to veterinary care, especially for patients that are critically ill or have sustained life-threatening injuries
  • The desire to learn to “do and be your best” and understand the role that feedback, coaching and mentoring plays a critical part of this
  • A willingness to learn and apply knowledge, give things a go, and step outside your comfort zone to achieve rapid growth
  • Excellent communication skills both within the consult room and as part of a large team
  • Commitment to personal health and mental wellbeing – look after yourself to provide excellent care for your clients, patients, and team
  • A focus on camaraderie as nothing in emergency is achieved alone, we work as a team to accomplish great things together

If this makes you feel excited but uncomfortable at the same time, then this program is right for you because…

The discomfort you feel is your life levelling up.

How Our ECC Graduate Program Supports You

Receive support and mentorship throughout every step of your journey into the exciting world of veterinary emergency.
So what are the benefits of a graduate program with AEA?

  • Mentoring program – one mentor for your graduate program period
    • Weekly and fortnightly check-ins to make sure that you are reviewing and reflecting on your progress both on shift and outside of work
    • Support to make sure you are transitioning ok, answer any questions you have regarding the training resources, and to troubleshoot and help you develop solutions to challenges that arise
  • Access to everything an emergency veterinarian would need:
    • In-house diagnostic lab, digital radiology, ultrasound, advanced patient monitoring, critical care capabilities
    • 24/7 on-phone support and access to specialists in emergency and critical care and experienced intensive care nurses
    • Surrounded by a team of experienced and highly capable emergency veterinarians, nurses and client care representatives
  • Courses to cover the fundamental skills that make great emergency vets:

The Accelerated Emergency Program

The program was developed in partnership with experienced Animal Emergency Service (AES) veterinarians, including Members and Fellows of the Australian & New Zealand College of Veterinary Scientists in Emergency and Critical Care. It aims to help you gain the foundation emergency skills to approach your patients with confidence and competence.

Click here to access a free demo module!

Each of the 15 Modules covers veterinary emergency topics relevant and applicable to the everyday clinical setting – your ‘need to knows’ for emergency practice!
Modules include diagnostic tools – how to best use, interpretation of diagnostic findings, recommendations for workup, with up-to-date treatment, case-based assessments and overall critical care patient monitoring and management.

As an accredited veterinary training program, you will work towards the postgraduate certificate with the ISVPS Foundation Certificate in Emergency and Critical Care (FCert ECC) .
Enrol and join the program at any time – with the completely online format, weekly module release and 1 year full access you can fit your education into your working schedule. Each 12-month Accelerated Program access also includes an exclusive invitation to four global ECC seminars with world renowned speakers, on essential emergency and critical care topics.

Frequently Asked Questions

How will the AEA ECC Graduate Program programs build my emergency skills?

We offer the AEA Accelerated Emergency Program, designed specifically to help veterinarians transition into the emergency. Each of the 15 modules covers veterinary emergency topics relevant and applicable to the everyday clinical setting – your ‘need to knows’ for emergency practice! The modules include diagnostic tools – how to best use, interpretation of diagnostic findings, recommendations for workup and management options, case-based assessments and overall critical care patient monitoring and care. Upon completion you gain postgraduate qualifications (Foundation Certificate in Emergency and Critical Care (FCert ECC)).

Who is eligible to apply for the ECC Graduate program?

Veterinary graduates who have completed their degree and meet the necessary qualifications to work in Australia are eligible to apply for the Emergency and Critical Care Graduate Program at Animal Emergency Australia.

Will I be working with experienced veterinarians during the program?

Yes, participants will have the opportunity to work closely with experienced veterinarians who provide mentorship and guidance throughout the program. In addition, you will also be surrounded by a supportive team of skilled veterinary nurses, technicians, and client care staff, who will be able to help you along the way.

Is there a possibility of employment at Animal Emergency Australia after completing the program?

Yes, successful completion of the program may lead to employment opportunities within Animal Emergency Australia. The program is designed to help you become a competent and skilled veterinarian interested in pursuing further work in emergency and critical care, with the option to join our team after completion of the program.

How can I learn more or get in touch with program administrators for further inquiries?

For more information or to contact program administrators, please reach out to us by submitting the form below. We'll be able to keep your details for when opportunities become available.

Still have questions?

Join the ECC Graduate Program Waitlist

Want to know more and express your interest? Simply fill out the form and we’ll keep in touch when there are openings for our ECC Graduate Program. Our programs also provide a training package encompassing the courses outlined in the FAQs above in addition to on-shift training and mentoring from experienced veterinarians, supervisors, and veterinarian team managers.

  1. Clinical and technical skills – mix of theory and practical training, both in the hospital and outside of the hospital.
  2. Professional development – the mindset, the tools and strategies you need to perform at your best
  3. Personal development – help you develop the right habits and practices to support your clinical skills and knowledge and professional development.

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