The Hospital Support Team (And Improving Patient Outcomes)

The Hospital Support Team is more than just a backbone for veterinary operations; it’s a driving force behind our mission to improve patient outcomes.

hospital support team at animal emergency australia

The formation of Animal Emergency Australia (AEA) marked a significant evolution in veterinary care, transforming from nine separate entities into a singular powerhouse dedicated to better patient outcomes. This amalgamation under a decentralised business model was not just a merger of businesses but a unification of visions, expertise, and commitments towards a singular goal: the constant pursuit of better patient outcomes.

Improving patient outcomes is at the core of what we do at AEA. It’s a commitment that influences every aspect of our operations, guiding us in our mission to provide the highest standard of care to our animal patients. The Hospital Support Team (HST) plays a pivotal role in this mission, acting as the foundational support that enables our veterinary professionals to focus on what they do best: delivering better patient outcomes. Let’s delve into how the HST is instrumental in promoting better patient outcomes across all our practices.

The Cornerstone of Strategic Integration

In navigating the complexities of integrating nine veterinary businesses into one cohesive entity, the HST has been instrumental. The Hospital Support Advisor is crucial in navigating the big-picture strategy for AEA. By ensuring our hospitals are financially healthy and strategically positioned, the Advisor enables our frontline staff to access the best resources and technologies. This strategic guidance means our hospitals can offer cutting-edge treatments and care protocols, directly influencing the quality of outcomes for our patients.

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Communication and Collaboration

The Hospital Support Liaison serves as the communication hub among different parts of our organisation. By keeping lines of communication open and ensuring that critical information reaches all corners of our network, the Liaison helps in the smooth operation of our hospitals. This role ensures that best practices, success stories, and vital updates are shared across all locations, fostering a collaborative environment where knowledge is leveraged to improve patient care.

Leadership and Vision Through the Hospital Support Team

With Dr. Rod Meehan at the helm as the Chief of Hospitals, AEA benefits from leadership that is deeply committed to excellence in patient outcomes. Dr. Meehan’s role in guiding the strategic direction of our hospitals and his focus on creating an environment that values teamwork, improvement, and open communication directly contribute to better patient outcomes. Under his leadership, our hospitals are encouraged to innovate and strive for excellence, ensuring that every patient receives the best possible care.

Continuous Improvement and Professional Development

The HST supports our purpose of improving patient outcomes by championing continuous improvement and professional development. By promoting a culture where learning and leadership flourish, the team ensures that our veterinary professionals are equipped with the latest knowledge and skills. This commitment to ongoing education means that our staff can apply the most current and effective treatments, directly impacting the quality of care our patients receive.

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How the Hospital Support Team Improves Operational Efficiency

Behind every successful veterinary practice is a team that ensures operations run smoothly. The HST is instrumental in streamlining processes, from administrative tasks to the organisation of care delivery. This operational efficiency means that our veterinary professionals can spend more time with their patients, leading to more personalised care and better health outcomes.


The Hospital Support Team at Animal Emergency Australia is more than just a backbone for our operations; it’s a driving force behind our mission to improve patient outcomes. Through strategic guidance, fostering communication, leadership, promoting continuous improvement, and ensuring operational efficiency, the HST enables our veterinary professionals to provide the exceptional care that our patients deserve. Their support is crucial in our ongoing journey towards excellence in veterinary care, making a significant impact on the health and well-being of animals across Australia.

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