The 6 Qualities Needed to Succeed in a Graduate Program

What are the 6 qualities needed for grad program success? Find out if a graduate program is right for you and if you’re right for...
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We’ve discussed a lot about veterinary graduate programs so far – from the core aspects of what a grad program involves, the green lights of great grad programs and how to focus on them, and also some of the red lights that might signal a grad program that would be best to avoid.

But how do you know if a grad program is right for you and that you’re right for an grad program? Not all programs are the same, and to thrive in a graduate program you should be prepared to learn, be mentored, and develop yourself and your career with a positive growth mindset. In this article, we’ll discuss exactly that, so you can figure out if an grad program is right for you.

So what are the 6 qualities that you need to ensure that you can succeed in your graduate program?

Professional Approach to Veterinary Care

While this might be obvious for many of us and a trait that we likely all possess as veterinary professionals, it’s important to acknowledge just how important this is as part of a graduate program. Many programs focus on providing an incredibly high standard of veterinary care, especially in emergency situations where both our patients and clients need it the most.

If your focus during your studies and your career has been to provide life-saving care with a professional approach regardless of the situation, then you already have the mindset needed to thrive in a veterinary graduate program.

Desire to Do and Be Your Best

We’ve discussed this in earlier articles, but the main goal of any graduate program should be to build you up as a veterinary professional. This focus is on giving you the support and mentorship needed to safely will rapidly improve your clinical knowledge, your practical skills, and your professional approach.

But that all starts with you. Are you constantly striving to better yourself? To be the best vet possible – not only building upon your strengths, but seeking to also improve yourself at any opportunity? Then a graduate program will help you do exactly that.

Willingness to Learn

Any vet who has worked in the industry knows that the real learning begins once you’ve graduated – only so much can be taught through lectures, exams, and textbooks. There’s a wealth of knowledge and skills to be learned in clinical practice, and the only way to gain that is to go ahead and do it.

A grad program will provide you with structured learning experiences to help you continue learning well after graduation. With tailored CPD programs, hands-on practical guidance, and the opportunity to safely step out of your comfort zone, a graduate program will rapidly advance you if you have the willingness to learn.

Excellent Communication Skills

For anyone in the veterinary field, communication skills are essential. Every day we community within our teams, our veterinary colleagues, clients, and all others involved in each step of the patient care journey. But a graduate program will take your communication skills one step further outside of the consult room through its emphasis on feedback. Effectively communicating feedback – both giving and receiving – will ensure you get the most out of your grad program.

Commitment to Personal Wellbeing

It’s no secret that being a vet can be challenging – but that means being committed to your own personal wellbeing outside of work is even more important. Being able to prioritise yourself and your own care will ensure that you’re ready to deliver the highest quality of care to your clients and patients.

Focus on Camaraderie

Lastly, it’s the acknowledgement that no task can be achieved alone. As veterinary professionals we work as a cohesive team and support each other through any situation. If you have a focus on accomplishing great things together, through both giving and receiving support from your team in times of need, then you have what it takes to succeed in a graduate program.

Does this sound like you? Do you want to continue to grow in these areas? Or does the thought of pursuing a grad program make you feel both excited and uncomfortable? Then that discomfort you feel is your life levelling up. If you’re ready to take the next step, find out about graduate programs at AEA and how we can help you to do and be your best.

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