Leanne McGrath

Assistant Nurse Manager

As Assistant Nurse Manager, Leanne has seen some interesting cases in our hospital. One of the most memorable was a Pomeranian who had received large wounds after being attacked by a larger dog. He was rushed in with shock, arrested on arrival and required CPR and surgery. After a stay in hospital and some intensive nursing, he was able to go home and is a case that will always hold a special place in Leanne’s heart.
Leanne’s best advice to aspiring vets: there are hard days, but very rewarding ones too. You’ll not only treat animals – you’ll also be there for their owners, adding to the rewardability! Leanne admires the Animal Emergency Service team for their constantly high standards of care and sense of family.
In her spare time, Leanne loves nothing more than spending time in the garden with her dogs, tidying the yard, and planting natives and herbs. She loves exercising and going out for breakfast with her partner.

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