The Great Game of Business (and How AEA Harnesses It)

Find out about our movement to better the veterinary profession with our employees taking command through the Great Game of Business (GGOB).

AEA Great Game of Business Launch GGOB

Veterinary professionals have many obstacles, with higher rates of burnout, suicide, and abandonment of the profession altogether. And veterinary profession is facing unprecedented challenges worsened by COVID-19 and a world-wide veterinary shortage.

Placing its employees at the helm, Animal Emergency Australia (AEA) are taking drastic measures. Inspiring others to bring about change, led by Dr Rob Webster, Co-CEO of AEA and specialist in Emergency & Critical Care. Despite the challenge, find out how the group of hospitals are experiencing this shift in the industry first hand.

Client demand is higher than ever. People are wanting to bring their pets to us for help, and those pets mean more to them than ever before. But there are less vet professionals on the hospital floor to accomodate this increased demand.

External investors have now jumped in [to the vet industry] and bought out groups of veterinary practices. Their number one focus is profiting from the booming industry, but not the patients. This has led to disillusionment amongst our fellow colleagues who are driven by patient care. And this is because profitable decisions are not necessarily made in the best interests of team members, patients or clients.”

AEA Great Game of Business GGOB Launch Dr Rob Webster

AEA co-CEO, Dr Rob Webster, performs a procedure on a patient alongside AEA hospital members.

In a bold move, the team at AEA have rebelled against this new norm and instead. AEA are starting a movement to better the profession. How can this be achieved in the challenging veterinary climate? By turning to their employees who are taking command of the business through the Great Game of Business (GGOB).

What is the Great Game of Business?

The globally-recognised system is an invaluable tool providing team members the financial literacy for thinking and acting like business owners. Using the Great Game Of Business model, employees are encouraged to become directly involved in making invaluable business decisions. Empowered employees is leading to betterment of care for each other and their patients and clients.

As a leadership team, we wanted to lead the way forward for our other colleagues and make a positive change in the profession. We thought, what better way than to embrace the opportunity to increase team ownership across our business? We’re putting our team in the driver’s seat and empowering them through GGOB. Because these decisions are bringing about lasting change for the veterinary profession.” says Rob.

How can the Great Game of Business Help the Veterinary Profession?

The open-book management system not only shares financial transparency, but gives every single team member a stake in the outcome. And AEA and its group of hospitals are the first veterinary business in Australia adopting the model. The team in all AEA hospitals will be taught the rules of business, follow the results of their actions, and be given a take in the outcome.

Jodi Mackinnon, Co-CEO of AEA (pictured), explains how the move will benefit the profession as a whole:

By directly involving members of the hospitals who do the work every day, GGOB empowers every single team member. We’re now making business decisions by leading from the front line. Because it’s our motivation to create change within the veterinary profession. Encouraging our team members to make better, more informed and guided decisions will bring about that change,” Jodi said.

Great Game of Business GGOB AEA Jodi MacKinnon CEO

Here at Animal Emergency Australia, we believe in making the world a better place for animals, one life at a time. Growing from a small company looking after the sickest and most critically ill pets and providing emergency vet care at multiple hospitals across Australia.

A passion to help remains at the heart of our business. And as the crisis over the future of the veterinary profession deepens, we see an opportunity to build a different kind of company. We’re creating a movement from vets for vets. So one that purpose-driven and has the wellbeing of veterinary professionals is at our heart.

Want to find out more about Great Game of Business and join the game? Check out the official Great Game of Business website.

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