Veterinary Education and Training (VE&T)

Veterinary Education & Training Pty Ltd (or VE&T) are the continuing education arm of Animal Emergency Australia.

VE&T know that being part of our dedicated AEA veterinary community means striving for the most up-to-date clinical knowledge and new skills, so patients and clients get the best care possible. It can be challenging – keeping up with the latest advances across the veterinary field, working in busy clinics and trying to maintain a work life balance. VE&T are here to help!

The VE&T Team bring locally developed emergency programs, fast-track short courses and internationally accredited postgraduate programs, to AEA (and the wider veterinary profession!) all under the banner of Improve Veterinary Education. VE&T are the license holder of Improve Veterinary Education in Australia and have been working with this leading provider of CPD since 2018. The global Improve group launched in 1998 and celebrate 25 years of continuing education in 2023!

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Training for Veterinarians

Veterinary Education & Training offer a wide variety of courses across numerous fields of veterinary medicine. For example, gain access to training from world-class surgical specialists in the Small Animal Medicine Learning Program.

Vet Nurses & Techs Training

Courses designed specifically for veterinary nurses and technicians, like the AES Elevate Emergency Nursing Program, made to enhance your current knowledge and take your emergency skills to the next level.

Our relationship with Improve Veterinary Education means we can offer the best home-grown and internationally developed education content to both the AEA and wider veterinary community. All our programs have been developed and designed by veterinary professionals and are aimed at working vets, nurses and techs, in clinical practice. The courses include a range of flexible learning options, fully online programs; short and long courses, unique practical training and post-graduate certifications.

Discover the wealth of veterinary resources to expand your clinical and professional skillset and provide a clear career pathway here and see a range of Veterinary Education & Training below.

Education for Our Vets: Online & Blended Learning

Accelerated Emergency Program – Foundation Cert Accredited Training

When: On-demand year-round entry!
Duration: 12 month subscription
Find out more: Accelerated Emergency Program overview

This detailed veterinary emergency program has been developed with the skilled veterinary staff at Animal Emergency Australia, including Members and Fellows of the Australian & New Zealand College of Veterinary Scientists in Emergency and Critical Care. By participating in the Accelerated Emergency Program, we’ll ensure that you gain the foundation emergency skills to approach your patients with confidence and competence.

Participants have access to 15 distinct modules, covering veterinary emergency topics relevant and applicable to the everyday clinical setting – your ‘need to knows’ for emergency practice! These modules include utilising diagnostic tools (such as ultrasound), approach to workup, critical care patient monitoring and management, and an overview of respiratory, neurological, and GI emergencies (among many more).

The Accelerated Emergency Program is the accredited training for the Internatonational School of Veterinary Postgraduate Studies Foundation Certificate in Emergency & Care and all program participants can register and sit the independent ISVPS exam to achieve this qualification.

As part of the Animal Emergency Australia team who wants to join the Accelerated Emergency program, be sure to contact your Veterinary Manager to discuss options for internal enrolment or contact the VE&T Team on [email protected]

ECC Membership Preparation Program – Online/Blended

When: March 3rd, 2023 & Last call registration still open
Duration: 16 months
Find out more: ECC Membership Preparation Program overview

The ECC Membership Preparation Program is designed to help you consolidate your knowledge in emergency and critical care, get you ready to sit your ANZCVS Membership exams – and get you on the path to becoming the next future critical care specialist!

This advanced modular program runs with 12 specialist developed modules, covering all broad areas of veterinary emergency and critical care. Learning objectives based around the ANZCVS ECC Membership Guidelines to ensure you’re prepared to sit for Membership. Includes live specialist tutorials, webinars and one on one viva practice exams.

Please note that further detail on veterinary memberships and eligibility criteria can be found via the Australian and New Zealand College of Veterinary Scientists website.

As part of the Animal Emergency Australia team who wants to join the ECC Membership Prep Program, contact the VE&T Team on [email protected] to register your interest and find out more details on registration and pricing.

“I highly recommend the Improve EMCC membership preparation course for anyone planning on sitting their membership exams. This course helped me structure my study in a way that I felt fully prepared prior to sitting. The face-to-face sessions were fantastic for tying everything together and were filled with helpful exam tips to give you the best chance of passing.”

Dr Geoffrey Dodds BVSc (Hons), BSc (Hons), Hospital Director, Animal Emergency Service Jindalee

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Small Animal Medicine Online Learning Program – GPCertSAM Accredited Training

When: May 2023
Duration: 24 months
Find out more: Small Animal Medicine Online Learning Program overview

A two-year completely online, comprehensive small animal internal medicine online learning program – with a structured route towards postgraduate certification and a post nominal qualification. Work your way through the 20 specialist-developed modules, at your own pace, with help and support available from registered Specialist Tutors on the online forum. This program is the accredited training for the GenPrac Certificate in Small Animal Medicine.

Ongoing enrolments are accepted until October 2023! Contact the team for details.

As part of Animal Emergency Australia who want to hear more about the Small Animal Medicine Online Learning Program, contact your VE&T Team on [email protected] to register your interest and receive more details.

Small Animal Surgery Online & Practical Learning Program – GPCertSAS Accredited Training

When: Yearly, February 2024
Duration: 22 months
Find out more: Small Animal Surgery Online Program overview

SAS Online Learning and Practical Learning has been developed by a team of surgical specialists and is for vets wanting to advance their surgical skills and deepen their knowledge. It covers the latest techniques and updates in soft tissue and orthopaedic/spinal surgery over the 22 month long program. Theory modules are fully online, supported by registered Specialist Tutors on the online forums. Ten days of consolidated practical surgery, with five days Soft Tissue Year 1 and five day Orthopaedic Surgery Year II complete the program. This program is the accredited training for the GenPrac Certificate in Small Animal Surgery.

As part Animal Emergency Australia, if you are interested in finding out about the Small Animal Surgery Program contact the VE&T Team on [email protected] to get all the details and view a demo module.

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EXPLORE ALL VET CPD Post Graduate Certifications (GPCert & PgCert Accredited Training)

When: See individual page for details
Duration: 12 – 17 months
Find out more: See below

VE&T offer a wide variety of programs, over a range of veterinary disciplines. If you have a passion for learning, would like to gain post nominal qualifications while you work and study then our programs are the perfect way to advance your clinical skills. Gen Prac Certificate/Post Graduate Certificate Programs for 2023 include:

Each course provides access to varied modules covering key clinical concepts, guidance by dedicated program tutors, and presentations, written notes, interactive quizzes and exercises which test your knowledge as you work. These courses are designed to offer flexibility by being 100% online – access 24/7 to our world-leading learning platform, wherever you are.

vet education ultrasound course

Small Animal Ultrasonography

When: May 21st/22nd 2023, July 22nd/23rd 2023, August 5th/6th Nov 2023 TBC
Duration: Weekend workshops at UQ Gatton Campus, Qld
Find out more: Small Animal Ultrasonography

The fast-track workshops are designed for vets who want to upskill in ultrasound and are designed to teach ultrasound skills you can take straight back to clinical practice (from beginner to advanced). Weekends include:

  • Introduction to Abdominal Ultrasound (5th & 6th August 2023)
  • Next Steps in Ultrasound (22nd & 23rd July 2023)
  • The Basics of Echocardiography (11th & 12th November 2023)

All weekends commence with initial theory sessions in the morning and guided live scanning sessions in the afternoon. Maximum of 15 candidates per workshop. As part of the Animal Emergency Australia team if you are interested in finding out more contact the VE&T Team on [email protected] to register your interest and join our waitlists!

Are you interested in finding out more about Advanced Certifications and Master Practitioner Qualifications? Contact the VE&T Team and we can put you in touch with our partners in Improve Veterinary Education UK.

Education for our Vet Nurses & Technicians – Online Learning – VNurse & VTech Certificate Accredited Training

Elevate Emergency Nursing Program*

When: 4th September 2023
Duration: 20 weeks with 12 month subscription, 8 online modules with 4 live online tutorials
Find out more: Elevate Emergency Nursing Program overview

The Elevate Emergency Nursing Program is a fully online program, designed and developed by a team of nurses, technicians and vets at Animal Emergency Australia. The team have years of combined clinical emergency experience and know-how and have helped mentor nurses and techs across AEA practices become fully confident and valued emergency colleagues.

The Elevate program bridges the gap between general practice and emergency and critical care nursing and is built with relevant, practical and case-based care in mind. The 8 modules will give you the tools to elevate your emergency patient care, the knowledge to enhance your work practices and the opportunity, in live online tutorial sessions, to ask questions and study with mentors whose passion is emergency and critical care nursing.

If you’re currently part of the Animal Emergency Australia team and want to elevate your skills, be sure you reach out to your vet manager to discuss our internal enrolment opportunities.

*Elevate Emergency Nursing program is not currently accredited by ISVPS as an NCert qualification program.

Medical Nursing Online Learning Program

When: 1st July 2023
Duration: 8 months
Find out more: Medical Nursing Online Learning Program overview

This program has been designed to provide Veterinary Nurses, Technicians and Veterinary Paraprofessionals with the opportunity to access relevant and up-to-date knowledge of small animal nursing of medical cases and to use this knowledge to improve the treatment given to canine and feline patients in practice. The certificate program has been designed to:

  • Enhance your clinical skills and knowledge
  • Increase your confidence and job satisfaction
  • Enable you to gain an achievable and recognised ISVPS qualification

To enrol or enquire, register your interest, or contact the Improve Veterinary EducationTeam on [email protected]

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Surgical Nursing Online Learning Program

When: 1st June 2023
Duration: 8 months
Find out more: Surgical Nursing Online Learning Program overview

Rapidly advance your skills in surgical nursing across 8 dedicated modules, covering topics like anaesthesia/analgesia, soft tissue and orthopaedics, and surgical complications and wound management. The Surgical Nursing Online Learning Program has been developed to enable all veterinary nurses/technicians to approach surgical cases with confidence.

Each module includes support and guidance from a Module Tutor who is specialised and experienced in the surgical field. The module tutor who specialises in the module subject area will provide online support during each module and will be available to answer all your questions.

To enrol or enquire, register your interest, or contact Dr Carmel Griffin on the Improve Veterinary Education team.

Emergency Nursing & Critical Care Online Learning Program

When: 1st Sept 2023
Duration: 9 months, 9 modules online & live webinar
Find out more: Emergency Nursing & Critical Care Online Learning Program overview

This program, taught by experienced ECC vets and veterinary nurses aims to advance emergency and critical care nursing knowledge and skills, improve confidence in this area and is geared at both general practice and referral nurses. The emphasis is on understanding the fundamental principles of nursing emergency patients and how to optimise their care and welfare. A range of topics is covered with each module focussing on particular areas of emergency and critical care.

The aim is to confidently apply the knowledge you have learnt, promote best practices and positively engage in emergencies ensuring your patients receive the highest quality care. At the end of the program, attendance at optional practical day led by one of the course authors is offered.

Nursing Anaesthesia Online Learning Program

When: 1 June 2023 – 31 January 2024
Duration: 8 months, 8 modules online
Find out more: Nursing Anaesthesia Online Learning Program

The Nursing Anaesthesia online learning program has been developed to enable all veterinary nurses/ technicians and veterinary paraprofessionals access to our world-class teaching materials. During the program, online sessions will cover:

  • The latest anaesthetic and monitoring equipment
  • The selection of key anaesthetic and analgesic agents
  • Techniques for safe anaesthesia
  • Effective analgesia in dogs, cats, equines and exotics

You’ll have support and guidance from a Module Tutor who is a specialist in veterinary anaesthesia across 8 varied and interactive modules delivered over 8 months. Additional sessions allow you to develop your reflective skills and enable time for consolidation and revision of your learning.

Want to find out more about Veterinary Education and Training?

At Animal Emergency Australia, we aim for all members of the veterinary community to have choices of clinically relevant and quality training, so we can do and be our best. The structured, logical and progressive training offered by VE&T, through Improve Veterinary Education allows you to develop skills and knowledge under the supervision of highly qualified specialists in each discipline.

I'm interested in the Accelerated Emergency Program - when can I start?

Due to demand, the exciting Accelerated Emergency Program can be started at any time on-demand. This 12 month program has been designed to be flexible and fit in with your busy veterinary schedule.

Do veterinary education and training courses count towards my CPD?

Yes, the courses offered through Improve Veterinary Education are eligible as CPD. You will receive a certificate of attendance for every course attended which you can use towards your structured CPD hours.

What is the enrolment criteria for veterinary courses?

For any of the veterinary courses, you must be a graduated Veterinary Surgeon with a minimum of 1 year clinical experience. It is the responsibility of the delegate to ensure you meet the program entry criteria. Please check with VE&T to ensure your suitability.

I'm an AEA team member. Do I get discounts on these courses?

As an Animal Emergency Australia team member, you may be eligible for a discount on the courses offered through Veterinary Education & Training. To find out more, please contact your veterinary manager or Dr Carmel Griffin at VE&T at [email protected]

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