Demelza Booth

Operations Manager

Demelza is Operations Manager at AES Underwood. Prior to joining Animal Emergency Service, Demelza worked in health regulation and brings a solid history in operations management. Demelza describes just falling into her role at AES, which was perfect as she always loved being around animals. With godparents who are farmers in the UK, she grew up around sheep and cattle and has a passion for helping animals. She even considered a career as a vet, but her self-proclaimed not-so-good math skills were somewhat of a barrier to pursuing it. Demelza loves working at AES, and her favourite cases are any that involve strange or unusual pets! It’s the bond between owner and pet that really drives her passion for what she does. Having had chickens, snakes, lizards and rats come through the door, all displaying such strong bonds with their owners, Demelza is in her element. In her spare time Demelza loves to go hiking, kayaking, climbing, traveling, as well as the more hedonistic pleasures such as wine and gin tasting! Although her own pets don’t join her on outings (her two cats who aren’t huge fans of the car!), Demelza loves borrowing her friends’ horses and dogs to go for a ride or walk.

“As a pet mum myself I’m so proud of the service we provide. I know I can recommend our practice and company to my friends and family with absolute confidence”. – Demelza