Kim Gorey

Veterinary Nurse Manager


Kim Gorey always knew she wanted to be the voice for those who don’t have a voice, but she new emergency medicine was her calling after falling in love with the fast pace of late-night shifts during her emergency unit studies.

For Kim, some of her favourite times in the hospital are when she helps bring a new life into the world when a pet is rushed in for an emergency caesarean. She says there’s no better feeling than being there for a newborn’s first breaths and helping the new mum look after her babies.

Since Kim has been at Perth Vet Emergency she has seen many amazing cases and patients, but there is one pup in particular who was extremely memorable. This pup had jumped through a window and was losing a tremendous amount of blood from severing a number of blood vessels and an artery from the window. After surgery, the Staffy recovered so well you never would’ve known anything had happened! “The next day the little Staffy went home so bright and happy – like nothing happened”, Kim exclaimed.

A little known fact about Kim, she is a painter who sells her art online.

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