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Hone your skills in emergency with the AEA team

Are you an experience veterinarian or a recent graduate with more than 12 months experience in primary case management? Are you looking to advance your skills in emergency as your next veterinary goal? Then AEA have the most comprehensive Fast-Track Program available to help you become a confident and capable emergency clinician when faced with any scenario.

Take charge of emergencies with confidence

We have been in this game for the last two decades and know all the pros and cons of a career in emergency. Even for experienced vets, we know the word emergency can still give a massive spike of adrenaline, but then almost as quickly brings feelings of doubts and raises concerns as to whether or not you can do it or if it is for you.

We know this because we felt it too when we started.

Our Fast-Track Program is specifically tailored for developing great emergency veterinarians, building upon your existing knowledge and experience. We know that it is our responsibility when we take you on to provide you with the right structure, right support and mentoring, knowledge and performance skills, and environment to help you grow and succeed.

This combination of clinical hands-on experience, shoulder-to-shoulder with a team of emergency clinicians, is a winning formula which we have fine-tuned over the last several years.

The objective of this accelerated 1 – 3 month program is to train vets with prior experience to develop into outstanding emergency veterinarians with a focus on clinical excellence. After graduation from the Fast-Track Program, you will then join the team as a consulting emergency veterinarian working full-time or part-time hours.

Animal Emergency Service vet with client and cat

“We simply want to help veterinarians to do and be their best.”

Dr. Gerardo Poli, Animal Emergency Service

Perth Vet Emergency vets performing a surgery

How our Fast-Track Program elevates you

To overcome the challenges of emergency and to prepare our team members the best way possible, we have created a tailored Fast-Track Program to build upon and grow your foundation of skills as a vet while still offering vital support and mentorship. So what’s involved?

  • Accelerated Emergency Program designed to build on your clinical skills and knowledge
  • Emergency Surgery Program with step-by-step breakdowns of common emergency surgical conditions
  • Advanced Ultrasound Training to enhance your powerful diagnostic skills in practice
  • Vet Success Academy – master the most difficult consultations with confidence

In addition, unlike other programs, our goal is to train to keep you as part of our team for your entire career, not rotate you through and replace you with minimal training. So we invest heavily in you to get you up and running and on the hospital floor shoulder-to-shoulder with the rest of the team.

Are you eligible for the AEA Fast-Track program?

What we are looking for from you:

  • At least 1 year of primary case management experience (GP or other)
  • A professional approach to veterinary care, especially for patients that are critically ill or have sustained significant life-threatening injuries
  • The desire to learn to “do and be your best” and understand the role that feedback, coaching and mentoring plays as a critical part of this
  • A willingness to learn and apply knowledge, give things a go, and step outside your comfort zone to achieve rapid growth and development
  • Excellent communication skills both within the consult room and as part of a large team
  • Commitment to personal health and mental wellbeing – look after yourself first before providing excellent care for your clients, patients, and team
  • A focus on camaraderie as nothing in emergency is achieved alone, we work as a team to accomplish great things together

If this makes you feel excited but uncomfortable at the same time, then this program is right for you because…

The discomfort you feel is your life leveling up. Get ready

Want to find out more?

Watch the video below to hear Dr Alex and Dr Gerardo discuss more details about the Fast-Track Program.

More benefits of the Fast-Track Program:

Our Fast-Track Program builds upon the three characteristics of the already make you a great veterinarian: clinical and technical skills, professional development, and personal development. To help you advance you professionally in each of these areas, our Fast-Track Program offers:

  • Consistent Mentoring and Support – recap every shift with a mentor, reflect on wins and strengths, and focus on areas to continue improving
  • Comprehensive CPD Program – our tailored 6 month program provides valuable skills across all emergency topics, helping you become the best vet you can be
  • Personal Development Resources – we help you develop the right personal habits to support your clinical skills, knowledge and professional development

If this sounds like the perfect way you’d like to enhance your veterinary skills – fill out the form below to receive our Internships and Fast-Track Programs information package.

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