How to Transition to Emergency as a New Grad

How to Transition to Emergency as a New Grad

Are you currently in vet school, about to finish your final year of vet science, or have recently just graduated in the last 12 months and have an interest in emergency but don’t know if you should pursue it? It can be challenging to know exactly where to go next after vet school. Many people think that going into GP is like dipping your toe in, and going into emergency is like jumping straight in the deep end. But is this actually the case?

Join Dr Gerardo Poli in this enlightening webinar to find out what going straight into emergency is really like and how it compares to going into general practice. Gerardo and a panel of vets who have made that step will share their experience, important points to consider, and some valuable strategies on how to swim instead of sink.

Dive Into Your Veterinary Journey

AEA have been leading the pack in the emergency field – with hospitals all over Australia we know all about what it’s like to achieve your veterinary goals in emergency. As a vet science student or new graduate, the thought of going directly into veterinary emergency can be daunting. Even the word “emergency” gives many students a massive spike of adrenaline and excitement, but then almost as quickly elicits feelings of doubts and concerns.

We know this because we felt it too when we started.

Emergency work can be the perfect way to give your veterinary skills the valuable kick-start they need. Every shift is action-packed, interesting, and you learn so much, plus you have a massive impact and the opportunity to save lives. Vet school has given you the theory, and now it’s time to get hands on and learn by putting that into practice.

That’s why we’re here to help veterinarians to do and be their best.

In our upcoming webinar, we’ll discuss whether emergency really is diving in the deep end, and how this can be the best way to start your veterinary career. As the experts in emergency, it’s our responsibility to provide you with everything we’ve learned over the years to ensure you not only swim, but lead the pack as a high-performing veterinarian with a focus on clinical excellence and obtain all the support and guidance you need to succeed along the way.

Animal Emergency Service vet with client and cat

Join Dr Gerardo November 30th at 7pm AEST to find out if going straight into emergency is really jumping into the deep and valuable strategies on how to swim instead of sink.

Perth Vet Emergency vets performing a surgery

Learn How to Swim Instead of Sink

To overcome this challenge and to prepare vet students and new graduates in the best way possible, Dr Gerardo Poli, one of the leading veterinarians in the field of emergency, and our panelist of vets, share their experience and advice on how to succeed as an emergency vet straight out of vet school. You’ll find out about their valuable insights including:

  1.  The differences between GP and emergency practice
  2.  Making the decision. If you’ve decided, then go for it!
  3.  Getting the support you need to thrive in your chosen field
  4.  Topics to brush up on and gaining real-world experience

Explore these tips and more in further detail during our webinar, participate in our post-webinar Q&A session and ask those burning questions, and achieve your grad goals by discovering the powerful practical skills you can gain in an emergency setting. You’ll also find out how to get the support and mentoring you need, and the qualities that make for great emergency veterinarians.

Starting in Emergency Can Fast-Track Your Veterinary Skills

Receive support and mentorship throughout every step of your journey into the exciting world of veterinary emergency with…

  • Guidance and mentoring from experienced veterinarians – learn from the best in the field:
    • One-on-one mentorship and working shoulder-to-shoulder with passionate and skilled emergency veterinarians can be the perfect way to gain confidence and rapidly advance your veterinary knowledge
    • Emergency practice offers the support from your colleagues to make sure you are transitioning ok, answer any questions you have, and to troubleshoot and help you develop solutions to challenges that arise
  • Access to everything an emergency veterinarian would need:
    • Advanced in-house diagnostic lab, digital radiology, ultrasound, advanced patient monitoring, critical care capabilities
    • 24/7 on-phone support and access to specialists in emergency and critical care and experienced intensive care nurses
    • Teams of experienced and highly capable emergency veterinarians, nurses and client care representatives
  • Continuing education that advances your veterinary skills – advance your knowledge beyond vet school:
    • Accelerated Emergency Program designed to build vital clinical skills and knowledge
    • Emergency Surgery Program with step-by-step breakdowns of common emergency surgical conditions
    • Ultrasound Training to enhance your powerful diagnostic skills in practice
    • Vet Success Academy – master consultations with confidence and professionalism

Sound like the perfect start you need to achieve your veterinary goals?

November 30, 2022 7:00 pm - 8:00 pm UTC+10 Online

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