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The word emergency can sound scary

We have been in this game for the last two decades and know all the pros and cons of a career in emergency. We know the word emergency gives a massive spike of adrenaline but then almost as quickly brings feelings of doubts and raises concerns as to whether or not you can do it or if it is for you.

We know this because we felt it too when we started.

Many vets want to give emergency a go because it is action packed, interesting, and you learn so much, plus you have a massive impact every shift. However the uncertainty that comes with it can be scary.

We simply want to help veterinarians to do and be their best.

Our Internships and Fast Track programs are specifically tailored for developing great emergency veterinarians. We know that it is our responsibility when we take you on to provide you with the right structure, right support and mentoring, right skills, knowledge and performance skills and environment to help you succeed.