We're In Business To Save The Future of the Veterinary Profession.

Animal Emergency Australia understands all is not well in the veterinary profession. We grew out of a small company that looked after the sickest and most critically ill pets and animals. We joined this profession because we believed we can make a difference in the world – one patient at a time. But now, our industry is sick.

Our patients are often silent. So are our wins. We don’t need the cheers of a crowd. Our reward comes in the form of a hard-won fight over life and death and moments of connection with our patients.

A passion to help remains at the heart of our business that stays open when primary vets are not. But a dark cloud has come over as multinational companies slowly but surely buy their way into the Australian veterinary market.

As the crisis over the future of the veterinary profession deepens, we see an opportunity to build a different kind of company – a movement from vets for vets – one that is purpose driven, for-profit and has veterinarians at its heart.

But we won’t remain silent. We will use our skills, experience and business as a force for good. For the good veterinarians that stay up all night to care for the sickest. Because you deserve to be looked after. You deserve to have a say in this all. You deserve to be in charge of your future.

We believe that when all business units work together as a force for good, customers recognise and reward those behaviours. Employees contribute more. And shareholders profit, along with communities and their wildlife & pets.

We aim to meet the highest standards of medical and social performance, public transparency, and legal accountability to balance profit and purpose.


We see what’s happening in the marketplace and we aim to use the resources we have—our business, our investments, our voice and our imaginations—to do something about it:

  • Outside investors are buying the future of veterinarians effectively blocking practice ownership to the value creators.
  • Corporate overlords are forcing young veterinarians into dull careers with trivial pay compared to peers with similar education levels.
  • Pet owners are getting profitable medicine rather than effective medicine because standards and KPI’s are decided by business people rather than data driven veterinary professionals.
  • Veterinary career satisfaction and veterinary wellbeing is deteriorating and our professional bodies are not facilitating change.

The vet profession’s most challenging problems cannot be solved by the government and corporations alone. Accelerating change has become the new status quo in our profession and we need to leverage that in a way that builds and sustains success.

We are convinced that the veterinary profession can establish a professional culture that adapts to change, inspires innovation, and builds an entrepreneurial mindset. And we want to be that incubator. We want to be the home of ECC vets. Now and in the future.

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