We’re In Business To Save The Future of the Veterinary Profession

Our patients are often silent. So are our wins. We don’t need the cheers of a crowd. Our reward comes in the form of a hard-won fight over life and death, working with other passionate people toward what is meaningful: the moments of connection with our patients and their families.

Animal Emergency Australia understands all is not well in the veterinary profession. We grew out of a small company looking after the sickest and most critically ill pets. We joined this profession because we believe in making the world a better place for animals, one life at a time. Now we need to help the veterinary profession become well, for the sake of our patients and for the veterinary professionals of the future.

Veterinary practice has changed due to an influx of external investors.

  • Opportunities for professionals to buy practices have been gradually reduced by the corporate model of franchise practice ownership.
  • Without opportunities for vet practice ownership, young veterinarians are locked into dull careers with trivial pay compared to their similarly educated peers.
  • Pet owners are charged for profitable medicine rather than effective medicine, because standards and KPI’s are decided by business people rather than data-driven veterinary professionals.
  • Veterinary career satisfaction and veterinary wellbeing is deteriorating and our professional bodies are not facilitating change.

A passion to help remains at the heart of our business, and as the crisis over the future of the veterinary profession deepens, we see an opportunity to build a different kind of company – a movement from vets for vets – one that is purpose-driven and has the wellbeing of veterinary professionals at its heart.

Ultimately, we believe that you, the Veterinary Professional are entrusted with the care of the patients, while our business is here to help you ‘do and be your best’. You deserve to have a say in this all. You deserve to be in charge of your future.

The future of the veterinary profession relies on all of us establishing a professional culture that adapts to change, inspires innovation, and builds an entrepreneurial mindset. We are an incubator. We are the home of emergency and critical care vets.

Join us and make a difference.

Company Culture

We are dedicated to providing an innovative, flexible, and fun workplace where our team members can learn, thrive and grow.

We invest in work-life balance. We invest in innovation, culture, excellence in service, and career progression.

When you join Animal Emergency Australia, you join our family of veterinary professionals.

If you value kindness, authenticity, compassion, and are eager to take on challenges as a team, you will find your home with us.

We challenge the heart, support the mind, thrive on trust and operate with integrity, compassion and kindness in everything we do.


Supporting Our Team To Own Their Futures

We will build a company of scale and substance to provide a pathway from undergraduate student to business ownership. Financial benefit for these owners will be derived from the addition of real value through service improvement.

Supporting Vet Professionals To Do And Be Their Best

We will provide the resources and means to ensure a stimulating career, to allow both experienced and inexperienced veterinary professionals alike to do and be their best. They will be fairly compensated for their efforts. The role of management will be to guide and support, not control.

We Deliver 5-Star Medicine

Our standards of practice will always be chosen by the veterinary professionals who swore an oath to protect those who cannot speak for themselves – their patients. The welfare of animals and the career satisfaction of veterinary professionals will be paramount to our success in delivering 5-star medicine.

Our Vision

To create the future of emergency medicine and critical care.

Our Mission

Help veterinary professionals achieve their dreams by creating opportunities for them to do and be their best.

Our Core Values

Each of our practices has its own determined set of core values that align with our overall core values of active teamwork, excellence, and accountability.

AEA Core Values Univers